Allianz Review

Allianz is a wonderful travel insurance company for people to consider. Since it offers a nice balance of prices with their pretty hefty array of popular coverage. Although there are many different companies on the market, this company is one which should be considered by anybody. This Allianz review will give you all the background information you need to know before booking this service.

Those on the market for top-quality travel insurance should look closely here. With plans that include car rental collision, $250,000 is emergency medical transportation, and 24-Hr assistance and concierge services, this is a company that anybody on the market for these features should consider. However, there are also a few areas which should be of concern. This Allianz review will highlight both the good and the bad.

Allianz Review

Although many companies around don’t offer coverage for things for all aspects of your trip, many have found a home in Allianz. Since they have their own set of perks and setbacks, this is a great travel insurance company. Offering unique plans and rates, for example, is one where they really stand out as one of the top trip insurance companies.

To give a perfect review for any sort of company would be difficult to do. After all, most companies which are successful have a polarizing separation between the wonderful aspect of their services and the controversy which comes with a lack of another. Since people have different needs, all you need to do is research which features you need the most first. This Allianz review will show you the highlights and bad sides of this service.

24-Hour Customer Service by Phone

When you go on the road, you will know the convenience which comes with this aspect of Allianz’ service. Being halfway around the world, for example, can be an instance where navigating with a particular country’s time zone would be strenuous. Since Allianz has 24-hour phone assistance for their customers, there will never be a time where you won’t be able to get a hold of your insurance company.

You never know when an emergency will happen. This is a sad reality for travelers who venture off into unfamiliar destinations. What you have figured out at home can easily become a hassle overseas. For this reason, many people find tremendous levels of relaxation when they have a service they can call whenever they need assistance.

10-Day Money Back Trial Period

You would never buy a car if you didn’t first take it for a test drive. This same principle can also apply to many areas of life. Including travel insurance. Since Allianz has a 10-day period where you can get a complete refund, you can buy a policy with the confidence that you still have some time to read the fine print later on in the week.

Allianz is apparently confident enough that you will not get buyer’s remorse within 10 days of getting a policy. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have put this feature in here in the first place. Suppose you perceive your destination to be much more dangerous than it is when you get there. This is another instance when you will be glad you were covered anyway.

Travel Assistance and Concierge Services

Allianz also offers concierge services. This means you can be in Korea while getting restaurant ideas in English. If you have ever been to a non-English speaking destination, you know the convenience that comes with a little bit of help around the streets. With Allianz, there will never be a time where you shouldn’t feel comfortable asking for assistance.

Travel Assistance can also help you with just about anything that comes up while on the road. Imagine that you need to find an electronics store nearby and you can’t read the signs. In a situation like this, travel concierge services will make finding basic necessities in a breeze. This is a great thing to take advantage of as much and as often as possible.

Personal Items and Luggage Covered

This is one of the most popular features that you can find when you want the best travel insurance company. Often times, this is one of the first and primary needs that anybody has with travel insurance. Since Allianz has different plans which have different claims benefits for your baggage, make sure to carefully read the fine print before booking any sort of policy.

When an emergency happens or if you are robbed, losing your personal baggage becomes a reality to many people every year. As those who travel full-time know, losing your baggage can quickly become life-threatening.  Especially if you rely on your personal items to make a living. Since Allianz offers reasonable plans for your personal baggage, this should not be an area where you are let down.

Emergency Medical Care and Transportation

This is another area where you really need to take a hard look at before booking any sort of travel insurance. Emergency medical care and transportation means that you are covered if you get badly injured abroad. In the worst case possible, you will also be taken back home where you can get assistance from a doctor of your choosing.

Often times, affording medical care is difficult while you are abroad. It can also be difficult to receive quality care when it matters the most. As long as you hold on to your receipts and you make sure to prove your expenses, getting reimbursed tends to be rather easy with this company. Just keep in mind that you may not get your claims back instantly.

Can Cover Vehicle Rentals

Although most car rental companies offer some sort of insurance, it can add up to the point where it is no longer affordable to rent a car. When you are abroad, it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to get a vehicle of your own. Especially including insurance. This is the key part of having some peace of mind while on the road that you will make it home safely.

Make sure to check your exact policy to see if it covers vehicle rentals. Since not all policies at Allianz offer rental collision, this might elevate Allianz out of their price range. However, if you are sure to get a policy which covers your rental car, you will have the extra peace of mind which is so priceless while traveling. Drive an extra mile or so on the unpaved road before turning around next time.

Death and Dismemberment are Covered

In most cases, your trip will turn out great and you will come home with a new set of experiences and some new perspectives. However, there are also tragedies which happen every day. When a tragedy happens, the worst thing that can happen is having to suffer a mental and financial burden at the same time. This is where it can be nice to have death covered by travel insurance.

In addition to the costs that may come with a tragic death, Allianz will also cover dismemberment. This means that losing a limb entitles you to a claim. However, depending on your policy, your exact claim may vary. In any case, it will always be nice to know that you can continue traveling without feeling irresponsible on potentially placing a financial burden on your loved ones back home.

Allianz Review:

allianz review

The above Allianz review gave a nice highlight of some of the top features of this company. It gave you many of the top reasons why many prefer this service over another. However, what it didn’t fail to mention is that Allianz is also reasonably priced. Since there are many different plans available which offer you great deals, you should at least see if has all everything you need to be covered.

In the end, what matters most is that you get the most potential benefits for the lowest possible charge. This is what drives many to get insurance in the first place. Others are more geared towards the peace of mind. Although this Allianz review has been great to highlight the benefits of this service as a whole, it hasn’t discussed much regarding the individual plans.

1. ALLTRIPS Annual Plans

When the Allianz review team came up with this one, the idea must have been geared towards people who travel full-time or frequently go on business trips. Each of these plans come with 365 days of potential benefits. When added up, it will cost around or less than a dollar a day for travel insurance. This means that great coverage is very affordable.

Although the best benefits come with the ALLTRIPS Executive plan, the ALLTRIPS Prime and it matches up well together when value and benefits are compared. The ALLTRIPS Basic, the most affordable option, only costs cents a day and comes with priceless coverage in the event of an emergency. Considering all that can happen in 365 days, it is logical for many to get one of these plans.

2. OneTrip Single-Trip Plans

Not everybody needs travel insurance that lasts an entire year. In fact, some people prefer to have plans which only last a week or so each year. This is an area where Allianz’ OneTrip plans really shine. With rates that compare with their yearly plans and benefits which are incredible, these are wonderful for families or individuals going to an unfamiliar destination for a short time.

This is perhaps the most affordable means of traveling internationally prepared for us by the Allianz review team. At least when where are discussing one-time trips. The level of covereage is absolutely astonishing. If you prefer the number of potential benefits over the number of days covered, then these plans are a great deal to consider.

Which Plan Should I Consider?

For OneTrip plans, you have the option to choose between the OneTrip Basic, OneTrip Prime, and the OneTrip Premier. The OneTrip Basic is the most affordable option, but also gives you coverage which compares with Allianz’s top annual policy. The OneTrip Basic is a great deal considering the potential benefits and the fact that it can be used internationally.

The other two OneTrip plans are OneTrip Prime and OneTrip Premier. OneTrip Prime costs a fraction more than the OneTrip Basic and gives you quite a bit more benefits. $500,000 USD in emergency medical transportation compared to only $50,000 USD, for example.

The OneTrip Premier, to illustrate, gives you up to $1 Million in potential emergency medical transportation. As a whole, the OneTrip plans offer outstanding coverage for short-term trips.

Allianz Review: Pros & Cons

Although it would be nice to give an Allianz review which is completely flawless, finding a company without a few potential problems is difficult. For this reason, it is important for new customers to be aware of a company’s potential flaws before booking the service. Although many of the following pros were well-described above, here are some cons you should also be aware of.


  • Reasonable balance of price and quality of service.
  • Wonderful rates for annual plans.
  • Excellent for short-term trips.
  • Can cover rental vehicles.
  • 24-Hour phone support.
  • 24-Hour concierge services.


  • No extreme sports coverage.
  • No passport reimbursement.
  • It takes 6 hours for travel delays to be put in effect.

Allianz Review: Summary

As a whole, Allianz is a wonderful company which offers affordable rates and a nice selection of plans. Whether you want to travel for a long time and get annual plans, or only for a week or so each year, there is a plan for you. Allianz has coverage which will be great for people who would rather drive up a mountain in their rental car than take a mountain bike down one.

Although there is no extreme sports coverage, a popular feature in the travel insurance industry, Allianz makes up for this with their rates and diverse array of plans. Regardless, this is a company which remains a heavy-hitter in this industry. For good reason. If you are a relaxed sort of person who simply wants the peace of mind of travel insurance, this is a great company to consider.

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