STA Travel Review

sta review

STA Travel insurance is a great option for anybody who wants one of the top trip insurance companies at a reasonable cost. Since it is a company that boasts a nice balance between price and the quality of its insurance services,  it is a wonderful option for the traveler looking for affordable coverage. At an affordable cost, the quality and amount of potential benefits are naturally slightly impaired. This STA Travel Insurance review will tell you everything you need to know.

Looking for travel insurance isn’t easy for first-time customers. Before you decide that travel insurance is too expensive, for example, you should at least consider options like STA Travel insurance.  Coming at one of the most affordable prices on the market, this is the best option for those who need reasonable coverage at a reasonable price.

STA Travel Review

sta review

It would be nice to give a comprehensive, hands-down conclusive review describing why this is the best travel insurance company. However, this would be impossible. In reality, all of the heavy-hitters in this industry fall short somewhere. Since we offer unbiased travel insurance reviews, this STA Travel insurance review will be the same.

To give a company a perfect report would put one’s reputation at stake. This is why any travel insurance reviews you consider should be read from this scope. However, if you know all the ins-and-outs of a service, give honest feedback, and provide all necessary relevant information like we do, you have everything you need to know. The following STA Travel review is for anyone who is on the fence between this service and other top trip insurance companies.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Once you decide to go abroad for an extended period of time, it’s important that you stay capable of going back home quickly. This is especially true for those who are visiting areas where sensitive current events can quickly evolve into dangerous and potentially life-threatening emergencies. A typical freelancer working on his computer is perhaps not capable of paying for last minute flights.

This is one of the perks of getting STA Travel to assists you. When danger arises, you can count on STA travel insurance review team which processes claims. In these circumstances, you will guarantee your path out of danger and back home where you are safe. With a plan that includes a reasonable potential claim for emergency medical evacuation with STA Travel, you can do this.

Emergency and Accidental Medical Treatment

Sometimes bad things can happen. This includes getting injured while abroad. As your home country might illustrate, medical care is not always affordable. Many countries don’t offer medical services which are both high quality and affordable. This means a bodily emergency could be trip-ending without insurance covering your back. Literally.

With STA Travel, there is coverage for medical treatment deriving from an emergency or accident. Although your specific claim and policy will have an effect on the benefit and level of assistance, each policy has some form of coverage here. Before booking any sort of policy, make sure to check the exact numbers and claims so that you can make sure you have enough breathing room.

Includes Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

One thing that can be a ginormous hassle when dealing with any sort of medical assistance is your pre-existing conditions. Often times, this can make the difference between booking an insurance policy and otherwise be looking elsewhere. If you have a pre-existing condition (including an acute one), you are eligible for coverage up to $10,000, regardless of your exact policy

With STA Travel insurance, you can expect that your pre-exisiting condition won’t hold you back from going overseas. Since you will have plenty of potential coverage, there is little reason to look elsewhere. Many travel insurance companies don’t even offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. For this reason, STA Travel travel insurance is a wonderful choice.

Enhanced Hazardous Sports Coverage

What fun is travel without a little danger and excitement? Thankfully, the people in charge of the STA Travel review service for claims understand this. When you get an Explorer plan, you can guarantee coverage of dangerous sports and extreme excursions. However, make sure to check the fine print to ensure that your exact hobby is covered.

Since things like American football, for example, are covered your hobby is probably covered. This means you can go abroad and continue your death-defying hobbies without worrying about placing a potential financial burden on yourself or your beneficiaries. With STA Travel insurance’s Enhanced Hazardous Sports Coverage on their Explorer plan, you can get your adventure on.

Protection at the ATM

Have you ever worried about getting robbed at an ATM? You’re not alone. In fact, this can be one of the most dangerous aspects of venturing abroad. In poor countries, the locals can get aggressive when they witness a foreigner using a local ATM. Although a street-savvy traveler can normally work their way of these situations, you never know when an emergency will happen.

The ATM can be a place where you are very vulnerable. However, with STA’s ATMSafe coverage on certain policies, you can be reimbursed if you are ever robbed. This means you can feel much safer pulling out cash in foreign unfamiliar areas. However, make sure to read the fine print to first ensure you have this service, and how much you can potentially receive back. The Explorer plan, for example, gives you up to $200 USD per policy period back.

Baggage Delay, Loss, & Theft

Whether you travel all the time, or this is a one-time trip, your baggage can be very important. After all, it is nice to ensure that you have basic thing like clothing, personal hygiene items, cameras, computers, and so on. Without some sort of insurance plan that coverage baggage theft, loss, and/or delay, this isn’t always possible.

Although baggage delay is always covered, regardless of your policy with STA, loss and theft are not necessarily covered. It depends on how much you are willing to spend. With an Explorer plan, for example, you can have $500 USD per item and up to $2,500 USD per policy period. For those who pack frugally, this is more than enough.

Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Dismemberment

When an emergency like one of these things happens abroad, being insured will help your loved ones back home from being faced with a financial burden. Even the Basic plan offers up to $5,000 for each of these. However, make sure to read the fine print. Many people in the basic plan may only be eligible for up to $50,000 to bring your body home, for example, in the event of death.

As those who have experienced death in the family before know, it can be expensive to have a funeral. Of course, this is when you die back at home. However, an event as tragic as this can be very expensive when you are abroad. Thankfully, the STA Explorer travel insurance policy can provide up to $100,000 for certain people in any sort of emergency relating to death, disability, and dismemberment.

STA Review:

sta travel

The above STA review gave a nice comprehensive look at many of the highlights of this insurance company. However, what is missing is a snapshot of their services and what you should expect to pay for this service. In 2018, thy recently made big changes to their service. As a result, there is no telling if the exact specifics will change, and when.

For this reason, exact prices will be avoided. However, unless STA intends to do a massive change again in the near-future, each of the plans below will still be described in an accurate and precise manner. This way, you can know exactly what you will receive when you book a policy with this company. Here is a snapshot of their different policy options:

1. Basic Travel Insurance

Basic travel insurance is for the person who only wants the bare necessities covered. This includes emergency medical evacuation up to $250,000 USD, and Emergency and Accidental Medical Treatment up to $25,000 USD. This includes pre-existing conditions and leisure sports. Extreme sports, however, are not covered by this plan.

Thankfully, repatriation of mortal remains in ensured at up to $50,000. This means that worst comes to worst, the insurance company will make sure you come back home. Just keep in mind that baggage theft might be a big problem for those that use this plan. Since baggage delay up to $100 USD in this plan is the only thing covered, this might be a deal-breaker to some.

2. Premium Travel Insurance

This plan is at the “just right” point for many weary travelers in an emergency. It has medical evacuation up to $500,000 USD, which is more than enough. Additionally, emergency and accidental medical treatment is up to $100,000 for your entire policy period. Like other STA insurance policies, this includes pre-existing conditions. This way, you won’t be held back from going abroad, just because you have a pre-existing condition.

You can also use a motorcycle, for example, and be covered by this policy. It also allows you up to $200 USD in ATM robberies, trip interruption up to $1,500 USD, baggage loss/theft up to $250 USD per item, adding up to $2,000 possible benefits. This provides lots of potential financial coverage in the event of many types of emergencies.

3. Explorer Travel Insurance

This is great for the person who leaves without an intended date of return. One thing which is wonderful about this plan is that it provides up to $6,000 for compassionate repatriation in the event that you need to come home and see your family. Emergency medical evacuation with this plan goes upward of $500,000 USD. Emergency and accidental medical treatment can receive up to $100,000 USD in each policy.

This plan is best for the person who engages in extreme sports. Hazardous sports are covered by this plan up to $100,000 USD. This means you can really go have fun while abroad without worrying about potential medical expenses. Trip cancellation, interruption, and baggage loss/theft are also covered by this plan. Each item lost or stolen can be reimbursed up to $500 USD, with up to $2,500 total in gear is eligible for a claim.

STA Travel Review: Pros & Cons

As briefly mentioned before, it would be nice to say nothing but good things about a service. However, honesty and real feedback is something that matters in this world. For this reason, it’s important to also mention the bad sides of a service. Although there are many pros mentioned below, also be aware of the latter cons.


  • Excellent potential benefits for premium plans.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions in all plans.
  • Affordable for all budget ranges.
  • Can cover baggage lost or stolen.
  • Packages for 12-month trips.
  • Prices are rather straightforward.


  • Plans can heavily change the level of potential benefits.
  • The Basic plan is very unlikely to be taken advantage of.
  • Claims are lower than average as a whole.

As a whole, this is one of the most affordable travel insurance companies. The above STA review failed to list exact prices since they are often subject to change. However, most plans are presently available for only $100 a year. The Explorer plan, however, will cost a tad more. In any case, make sure to first start by checking out which potential benefits you need, and then pick the plan that is right for your needs.

STA Travel Review: Summary

STA Travel is overall a delightful service which is best for the budget traveler who wants to have their basic needs covered. It is also great for parents whose kids frequently go abroad. Since it covers all sorts of emergencies and the Premium and Explorer plans are very reasonably priced, it will likely remain as a heavy-hitter in the travel insurance industry.

Although this STA Travel review conclusively highlighted all the ins-and-outs of this service, it’s still important to read the fine print. If you book a Basic plan, for example, it’s unlikely you will ever file a claim in the first place. This is why it’s important to see what is covered, how much you can potentially receive, and if it is right for your personal needs. For more information on this service, you can receive a free quote here.