Allianz Review

allianz review

Allianz is a wonderful travel insurance company for people to consider. Since it offers a nice balance of prices with their pretty hefty array of popular coverage. Although there are many different companies on the market, this company is one which should be considered by anybody. This Allianz review will give you all the background information you need to know before booking this service.

Those on the market for top-quality travel insurance should look closely here. With plans that include car rental collision, $250,000 is emergency medical transportation, and 24-Hr assistance and concierge services, this is a company that anybody on the market for these features should consider. However, there are also a few areas which should be of concern. This Allianz review will highlight both the good and the bad.

Allianz Review

Although many companies around don’t offer coverage for things for all aspects of your trip, many have found a home in Allianz. Since they have their own set of perks and setbacks, this is a great travel insurance company. Offering unique plans and rates, for example, is one where they really stand out as one of the top trip insurance companies.

To give a perfect review for any sort of company would be difficult to do. After all, most companies which are successful have a polarizing separation between the wonderful aspect of their services and the controversy which comes with a lack of another. Since people have different needs, all you need to do is research which features you need the most first. This Allianz review will show you the highlights and bad sides of this service.

24-Hour Customer Service by Phone

When you go on the road, you will know the convenience which comes with this aspect of Allianz’ service. Being halfway around the world, for example, can be an instance where navigating with a particular country’s time zone would be strenuous. Since Allianz has 24-hour phone assistance for their customers, there will never be a time where you won’t be able to get a hold of your insurance company.

You never know when an emergency will happen. This is a sad reality for travelers who venture off into unfamiliar destinations. What you have figured out at home can easily become a hassle overseas. For this reason, many people find tremendous levels of relaxation when they have a service they can call whenever they need assistance.

10-Day Money Back Trial Period

You would never buy a car if you didn’t first take it for a test drive. This same principle can also apply to many areas of life. Including travel insurance. Since Allianz has a 10-day period where you can get a complete refund, you can buy a policy with the confidence that you still have some time to read the fine print later on in the week.

Allianz is apparently confident enough that you will not get buyer’s remorse within 10 days of getting a policy. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have put this feature in here in the first place. Suppose you perceive your destination to be much more dangerous than it is when you get there. This is another instance when you will be glad you were covered anyway.

Travel Assistance and Concierge Services

Allianz also offers concierge services. This means you can be in Korea while getting restaurant ideas in English. If you have ever been to a non-English speaking destination, you know the convenience that comes with a little bit of help around the streets. With Allianz, there will never be a time where you shouldn’t feel comfortable asking for assistance.

Travel Assistance can also help you with just about anything that comes up while on the road. Imagine that you need to find an electronics store nearby and you can’t read the signs. In a situation like this, travel concierge services will make finding basic necessities in a breeze. This is a great thing to take advantage of as much and as often as possible.

Personal Items and Luggage Covered

This is one of the most popular features that you can find when you want the best travel insurance company. Often times, this is one of the first and primary needs that anybody has with travel insurance. Since Allianz has different plans which have different claims benefits for your baggage, make sure to carefully read the fine print before booking any sort of policy.

When an emergency happens or if you are robbed, losing your personal baggage becomes a reality to many people every year. As those who travel full-time know, losing your baggage can quickly become life-threatening.  Especially if you rely on your personal items to make a living. Since Allianz offers reasonable plans for your personal baggage, this should not be an area where you are let down.

Emergency Medical Care and Transportation

This is another area where you really need to take a hard look at before booking any sort of travel insurance. Emergency medical care and transportation means that you are covered if you get badly injured abroad. In the worst case possible, you will also be taken back home where you can get assistance from a doctor of your choosing.

Often times, affording medical care is difficult while you are abroad. It can also be difficult to receive quality care when it matters the most. As long as you hold on to your receipts and you make sure to prove your expenses, getting reimbursed tends to be rather easy with this company. Just keep in mind that you may not get your claims back instantly.

Can Cover Vehicle Rentals

Although most car rental companies offer some sort of insurance, it can add up to the point where it is no longer affordable to rent a car. When you are abroad, it shouldn’t be a hassle trying to get a vehicle of your own. Especially including insurance. This is the key part of having some peace of mind while on the road that you will make it home safely.

Make sure to check your exact policy to see if it covers vehicle rentals. Since not all policies at Allianz offer rental collision, this might elevate Allianz out of their price range. However, if you are sure to get a policy which covers your rental car, you will have the extra peace of mind which is so priceless while traveling. Drive an extra mile or so on the unpaved road before turning around next time.

Death and Dismemberment are Covered

In most cases, your trip will turn out great and you will come home with a new set of experiences and some new perspectives. However, there are also tragedies which happen every day. When a tragedy happens, the worst thing that can happen is having to suffer a mental and financial burden at the same time. This is where it can be nice to have death covered by travel insurance.

In addition to the costs that may come with a tragic death, Allianz will also cover dismemberment. This means that losing a limb entitles you to a claim. However, depending on your policy, your exact claim may vary. In any case, it will always be nice to know that you can continue traveling without feeling irresponsible on potentially placing a financial burden on your loved ones back home.

Allianz Review:

allianz review

The above Allianz review gave a nice highlight of some of the top features of this company. It gave you many of the top reasons why many prefer this service over another. However, what it didn’t fail to mention is that Allianz is also reasonably priced. Since there are many different plans available which offer you great deals, you should at least see if has all everything you need to be covered.

In the end, what matters most is that you get the most potential benefits for the lowest possible charge. This is what drives many to get insurance in the first place. Others are more geared towards the peace of mind. Although this Allianz review has been great to highlight the benefits of this service as a whole, it hasn’t discussed much regarding the individual plans.

1. ALLTRIPS Annual Plans

When the Allianz review team came up with this one, the idea must have been geared towards people who travel full-time or frequently go on business trips. Each of these plans come with 365 days of potential benefits. When added up, it will cost around or less than a dollar a day for travel insurance. This means that great coverage is very affordable.

Although the best benefits come with the ALLTRIPS Executive plan, the ALLTRIPS Prime and it matches up well together when value and benefits are compared. The ALLTRIPS Basic, the most affordable option, only costs cents a day and comes with priceless coverage in the event of an emergency. Considering all that can happen in 365 days, it is logical for many to get one of these plans.

2. OneTrip Single-Trip Plans

Not everybody needs travel insurance that lasts an entire year. In fact, some people prefer to have plans which only last a week or so each year. This is an area where Allianz’ OneTrip plans really shine. With rates that compare with their yearly plans and benefits which are incredible, these are wonderful for families or individuals going to an unfamiliar destination for a short time.

This is perhaps the most affordable means of traveling internationally prepared for us by the Allianz review team. At least when where are discussing one-time trips. The level of covereage is absolutely astonishing. If you prefer the number of potential benefits over the number of days covered, then these plans are a great deal to consider.

Which Plan Should I Consider?

For OneTrip plans, you have the option to choose between the OneTrip Basic, OneTrip Prime, and the OneTrip Premier. The OneTrip Basic is the most affordable option, but also gives you coverage which compares with Allianz’s top annual policy. The OneTrip Basic is a great deal considering the potential benefits and the fact that it can be used internationally.

The other two OneTrip plans are OneTrip Prime and OneTrip Premier. OneTrip Prime costs a fraction more than the OneTrip Basic and gives you quite a bit more benefits. $500,000 USD in emergency medical transportation compared to only $50,000 USD, for example.

The OneTrip Premier, to illustrate, gives you up to $1 Million in potential emergency medical transportation. As a whole, the OneTrip plans offer outstanding coverage for short-term trips.

Allianz Review: Pros & Cons

Although it would be nice to give an Allianz review which is completely flawless, finding a company without a few potential problems is difficult. For this reason, it is important for new customers to be aware of a company’s potential flaws before booking the service. Although many of the following pros were well-described above, here are some cons you should also be aware of.


  • Reasonable balance of price and quality of service.
  • Wonderful rates for annual plans.
  • Excellent for short-term trips.
  • Can cover rental vehicles.
  • 24-Hour phone support.
  • 24-Hour concierge services.


  • No extreme sports coverage.
  • No passport reimbursement.
  • It takes 6 hours for travel delays to be put in effect.

Allianz Review: Summary

As a whole, Allianz is a wonderful company which offers affordable rates and a nice selection of plans. Whether you want to travel for a long time and get annual plans, or only for a week or so each year, there is a plan for you. Allianz has coverage which will be great for people who would rather drive up a mountain in their rental car than take a mountain bike down one.

Although there is no extreme sports coverage, a popular feature in the travel insurance industry, Allianz makes up for this with their rates and diverse array of plans. Regardless, this is a company which remains a heavy-hitter in this industry. For good reason. If you are a relaxed sort of person who simply wants the peace of mind of travel insurance, this is a great company to consider.

STA Travel Review

sta review

STA Travel insurance is a great option for anybody who wants one of the top trip insurance companies at a reasonable cost. Since it is a company that boasts a nice balance between price and the quality of its insurance services,  it is a wonderful option for the traveler looking for affordable coverage. At an affordable cost, the quality and amount of potential benefits are naturally slightly impaired. This STA Travel Insurance review will tell you everything you need to know.

Looking for travel insurance isn’t easy for first-time customers. Before you decide that travel insurance is too expensive, for example, you should at least consider options like STA Travel insurance.  Coming at one of the most affordable prices on the market, this is the best option for those who need reasonable coverage at a reasonable price.

STA Travel Review

sta review

It would be nice to give a comprehensive, hands-down conclusive review describing why this is the best travel insurance company. However, this would be impossible. In reality, all of the heavy-hitters in this industry fall short somewhere. Since we offer unbiased travel insurance reviews, this STA Travel insurance review will be the same.

To give a company a perfect report would put one’s reputation at stake. This is why any travel insurance reviews you consider should be read from this scope. However, if you know all the ins-and-outs of a service, give honest feedback, and provide all necessary relevant information like we do, you have everything you need to know. The following STA Travel review is for anyone who is on the fence between this service and other top trip insurance companies.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Once you decide to go abroad for an extended period of time, it’s important that you stay capable of going back home quickly. This is especially true for those who are visiting areas where sensitive current events can quickly evolve into dangerous and potentially life-threatening emergencies. A typical freelancer working on his computer is perhaps not capable of paying for last minute flights.

This is one of the perks of getting STA Travel to assists you. When danger arises, you can count on STA travel insurance review team which processes claims. In these circumstances, you will guarantee your path out of danger and back home where you are safe. With a plan that includes a reasonable potential claim for emergency medical evacuation with STA Travel, you can do this.

Emergency and Accidental Medical Treatment

Sometimes bad things can happen. This includes getting injured while abroad. As your home country might illustrate, medical care is not always affordable. Many countries don’t offer medical services which are both high quality and affordable. This means a bodily emergency could be trip-ending without insurance covering your back. Literally.

With STA Travel, there is coverage for medical treatment deriving from an emergency or accident. Although your specific claim and policy will have an effect on the benefit and level of assistance, each policy has some form of coverage here. Before booking any sort of policy, make sure to check the exact numbers and claims so that you can make sure you have enough breathing room.

Includes Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

One thing that can be a ginormous hassle when dealing with any sort of medical assistance is your pre-existing conditions. Often times, this can make the difference between booking an insurance policy and otherwise be looking elsewhere. If you have a pre-existing condition (including an acute one), you are eligible for coverage up to $10,000, regardless of your exact policy

With STA Travel insurance, you can expect that your pre-exisiting condition won’t hold you back from going overseas. Since you will have plenty of potential coverage, there is little reason to look elsewhere. Many travel insurance companies don’t even offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. For this reason, STA Travel travel insurance is a wonderful choice.

Enhanced Hazardous Sports Coverage

What fun is travel without a little danger and excitement? Thankfully, the people in charge of the STA Travel review service for claims understand this. When you get an Explorer plan, you can guarantee coverage of dangerous sports and extreme excursions. However, make sure to check the fine print to ensure that your exact hobby is covered.

Since things like American football, for example, are covered your hobby is probably covered. This means you can go abroad and continue your death-defying hobbies without worrying about placing a potential financial burden on yourself or your beneficiaries. With STA Travel insurance’s Enhanced Hazardous Sports Coverage on their Explorer plan, you can get your adventure on.

Protection at the ATM

Have you ever worried about getting robbed at an ATM? You’re not alone. In fact, this can be one of the most dangerous aspects of venturing abroad. In poor countries, the locals can get aggressive when they witness a foreigner using a local ATM. Although a street-savvy traveler can normally work their way of these situations, you never know when an emergency will happen.

The ATM can be a place where you are very vulnerable. However, with STA’s ATMSafe coverage on certain policies, you can be reimbursed if you are ever robbed. This means you can feel much safer pulling out cash in foreign unfamiliar areas. However, make sure to read the fine print to first ensure you have this service, and how much you can potentially receive back. The Explorer plan, for example, gives you up to $200 USD per policy period back.

Baggage Delay, Loss, & Theft

Whether you travel all the time, or this is a one-time trip, your baggage can be very important. After all, it is nice to ensure that you have basic thing like clothing, personal hygiene items, cameras, computers, and so on. Without some sort of insurance plan that coverage baggage theft, loss, and/or delay, this isn’t always possible.

Although baggage delay is always covered, regardless of your policy with STA, loss and theft are not necessarily covered. It depends on how much you are willing to spend. With an Explorer plan, for example, you can have $500 USD per item and up to $2,500 USD per policy period. For those who pack frugally, this is more than enough.

Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Dismemberment

When an emergency like one of these things happens abroad, being insured will help your loved ones back home from being faced with a financial burden. Even the Basic plan offers up to $5,000 for each of these. However, make sure to read the fine print. Many people in the basic plan may only be eligible for up to $50,000 to bring your body home, for example, in the event of death.

As those who have experienced death in the family before know, it can be expensive to have a funeral. Of course, this is when you die back at home. However, an event as tragic as this can be very expensive when you are abroad. Thankfully, the STA Explorer travel insurance policy can provide up to $100,000 for certain people in any sort of emergency relating to death, disability, and dismemberment.

STA Review:

sta travel

The above STA review gave a nice comprehensive look at many of the highlights of this insurance company. However, what is missing is a snapshot of their services and what you should expect to pay for this service. In 2018, thy recently made big changes to their service. As a result, there is no telling if the exact specifics will change, and when.

For this reason, exact prices will be avoided. However, unless STA intends to do a massive change again in the near-future, each of the plans below will still be described in an accurate and precise manner. This way, you can know exactly what you will receive when you book a policy with this company. Here is a snapshot of their different policy options:

1. Basic Travel Insurance

Basic travel insurance is for the person who only wants the bare necessities covered. This includes emergency medical evacuation up to $250,000 USD, and Emergency and Accidental Medical Treatment up to $25,000 USD. This includes pre-existing conditions and leisure sports. Extreme sports, however, are not covered by this plan.

Thankfully, repatriation of mortal remains in ensured at up to $50,000. This means that worst comes to worst, the insurance company will make sure you come back home. Just keep in mind that baggage theft might be a big problem for those that use this plan. Since baggage delay up to $100 USD in this plan is the only thing covered, this might be a deal-breaker to some.

2. Premium Travel Insurance

This plan is at the “just right” point for many weary travelers in an emergency. It has medical evacuation up to $500,000 USD, which is more than enough. Additionally, emergency and accidental medical treatment is up to $100,000 for your entire policy period. Like other STA insurance policies, this includes pre-existing conditions. This way, you won’t be held back from going abroad, just because you have a pre-existing condition.

You can also use a motorcycle, for example, and be covered by this policy. It also allows you up to $200 USD in ATM robberies, trip interruption up to $1,500 USD, baggage loss/theft up to $250 USD per item, adding up to $2,000 possible benefits. This provides lots of potential financial coverage in the event of many types of emergencies.

3. Explorer Travel Insurance

This is great for the person who leaves without an intended date of return. One thing which is wonderful about this plan is that it provides up to $6,000 for compassionate repatriation in the event that you need to come home and see your family. Emergency medical evacuation with this plan goes upward of $500,000 USD. Emergency and accidental medical treatment can receive up to $100,000 USD in each policy.

This plan is best for the person who engages in extreme sports. Hazardous sports are covered by this plan up to $100,000 USD. This means you can really go have fun while abroad without worrying about potential medical expenses. Trip cancellation, interruption, and baggage loss/theft are also covered by this plan. Each item lost or stolen can be reimbursed up to $500 USD, with up to $2,500 total in gear is eligible for a claim.

STA Travel Review: Pros & Cons

As briefly mentioned before, it would be nice to say nothing but good things about a service. However, honesty and real feedback is something that matters in this world. For this reason, it’s important to also mention the bad sides of a service. Although there are many pros mentioned below, also be aware of the latter cons.


  • Excellent potential benefits for premium plans.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions in all plans.
  • Affordable for all budget ranges.
  • Can cover baggage lost or stolen.
  • Packages for 12-month trips.
  • Prices are rather straightforward.


  • Plans can heavily change the level of potential benefits.
  • The Basic plan is very unlikely to be taken advantage of.
  • Claims are lower than average as a whole.

As a whole, this is one of the most affordable travel insurance companies. The above STA review failed to list exact prices since they are often subject to change. However, most plans are presently available for only $100 a year. The Explorer plan, however, will cost a tad more. In any case, make sure to first start by checking out which potential benefits you need, and then pick the plan that is right for your needs.

STA Travel Review: Summary

STA Travel is overall a delightful service which is best for the budget traveler who wants to have their basic needs covered. It is also great for parents whose kids frequently go abroad. Since it covers all sorts of emergencies and the Premium and Explorer plans are very reasonably priced, it will likely remain as a heavy-hitter in the travel insurance industry.

Although this STA Travel review conclusively highlighted all the ins-and-outs of this service, it’s still important to read the fine print. If you book a Basic plan, for example, it’s unlikely you will ever file a claim in the first place. This is why it’s important to see what is covered, how much you can potentially receive, and if it is right for your personal needs. For more information on this service, you can receive a free quote here.



Travelex Travel Insurance Review

travelex review

Travelex insurance is one of the premier options for people who need short-term plans which cover some of the most sophisticated needs. With packages with are great for couples, families, or solo travelers, they are perfect for just about any type of traveler. They are available online and can be reached through their website, telephone, or mobile application. This Travelex review will guide you through this service.

Looking for the best travel insurance should be simple. However, there are many different barriers that break down what really matters and what doesn’t. For example, there is no sense in paying a high premium for a product you should never estimate or intend to use. On this page, we will be giving a comprehensive Travelex review so that you can decide if it’s right for your needs.

Travelex Review

travelex review

Overall, the Travelex review team has prepared a wonderful service for its customers which comes at an affordable rate. They have many things such as trip cancellation, accidental death, job loss, and emergency evacuation covered. There are other things covered such as baggage and personal items.

The entire system of quotes is available online if your trip is less than 365 days. It is unclear whether or not the Travelex review team decided to allow for coverage over a year long. If you need a quote for an overseas trip longer than 364 days, you will need to call and see what their latest options are.

Medical Expenses Covered

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to be in the middle of an overseas trip and to have an emergency. Thankfully, there are services like Travelex which assist you in these instances. With Travelex, you can pay a visit to the doctor within the agreed terms and expect to have everything covered.

Although Travelex medical coverage plans may not be the best around, they are pretty solid when you consider some of the other features in the service. However, if health care abroad is your primary concern, make sure to read the fine print of your coverage before setting foot on the plane.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance

When bad times come, you need to be prepared. Some travelers prefer the rush and excitement that comes with an overseas adventure in a country where it may become dangerous. Places recently or presently in a state of war, for example, have a tendency to be dangerous fast. Thankfully, Travelex will cover your need for emergency evacuation.

Depending on the terms you receive, you might even expect things like a death in the family to be covered in this category. However, depending on the plan and your personal circumstances, situations can always vary. Especially when it actually comes to dealing with the claims agent himself and getting a claim. When these times come, it is important to be firm and able to compromise.

Personal Items and Luggage Covered

Many people who travel overseas depend on parts of their precious cargo for survival. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be worried every time they go out with their backpack. Since personal items are covered with a Travelex plan, you can worry less about pickpockets and thieves and start enjoying life more.

When dealing with an airline, you never know how trustworthy the staff is. This is especially true when you are in the middle of nowhere and are assisted by an unprofessional service which loses your bags. They might say that it’s your fault, and refuse to reimburse you. Thankfully, in these instances you can always depend on Travelex to reimburse you according to your policy for your baggage.

Travel Assistance and Concierge Service

When traveling abroad, one of the biggest barriers to one’s excitement is the native language. Although travelers are not usually expected to speak the local tongue, it can definitely help to have the knowledge of the locals. Since you might not expect to speak the local language, you can always depend on Travelex to help you.

Available simply by calling their customer service, you always have eyes in the sky looking out for you. Whether it’s an emergency like a lost passport, some assistance getting situated for dinner, or even medical advice, this feature is clutch. It allows you to ensure that you take advantage of your travel insurance. The Travelex review team perhaps went a little too far with this feature.

Smooth Claims Handling

One of the biggest nightmares of an insurance company is dealing with the claims agent. When signing up for insurance, we imagine a friendly man gladly handing over a check when it’s owed to us. However, as many of us realize, this is hardly the case. On the contrary, we can be treated with an aggressive person who desperately tries to negotiate our claims down.

The Travelex claims department has been widely acclaimed as a relatively smooth and more easy-going bunch than some other companies. In fact, this feature along may be reason enough to jump the gun, since after all, having a swift claims process can be very beneficial.

Available to Contact on Different Platforms

One big drawback about Travelex is that their customer service is only available through their standard business hours of 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. Outside of these hours, you need to connect with their service partner, On Call International. These means claims procedures may be difficult at certain times.

However, they have phone lines, e-mail, and a mobile app which can be used to contact them. Since there are many different platforms available to contact them, all you will need is internet or phone service and you can instantly be in touch with the Travelex review team. This means it will always be easy to connect with the claims review team should you need them.

Adventure Sports, Car Rentals,

Although not all plans feature this sort of coverage, premium options like these are available. Travelers are an eclectic bunch. Some are into mountain biking, others are into surfing. However, being safe and staying at home is not one of their most treasured hobbies. This is why coverage for adventure sports even developed in the first place.

Lastly, getting a rental car is sometimes something which is absolutely necessary. As these situations arise, it’s important to be covered. Rental companies often try to find ways to get you to pay more than you rightfully owe. When these circumstances arise, you should arrange to have car rental insurance covered through Travelex.

Travelex Review: the Main Travelex Insurance Plans

travelex review

Now that we have explored some of the best features that the Travelex review team has prepared for us, let’s go ahead and now take a more in-depth look at the service itself. This will be of assistance to people who are completely new to this service and want a snapshot of their plan options before deciding if it’s best for themselves.

Since there are two major plans that are offered by Travelex, this leaves little room for customization and swapping. However, as we glance at some of the features of the following plans, check to see if they feet your needs. If they do, make sure to get a quote instantly and see if it fits your budget.

1. Travel Basic

Travel Basic is the plan which is aimed at the minimalist who spends most of his budget on the fun expenses involved in travel. With this plan, you should expect the most basic coverage, as the name implies.

It includes medical emergency coverage of $15,000, medical evacuation up to $100,000, and death and dismemberment up to $10,000. These numbers alone should be enough for a wary new traveler stressed that they may not return home. You are covered.

The Travel Basic plan also includes 100% trip cancellation and interruption, as well as baggage, missed connections, and delays. An important thing to know is that you need to book your plan before leaving to ensure that you are covered.

2. Travel Select

The Travel Select plan is for the person who has a slightly higher budget and wants extra peace of mind. People who book this package should expect medical coverage increased up to $50,000.

Additionally, medical evacuation costs up to $500,000 are covered. Death and dismemberment coverage is elevated up to $25,000. Best of all, plans can also include pre-existing conditions within certain terms.

The Travel Select plan raises your trip interruption and cancellation benefit up to 150%, and increases most other potential claims for claims involving baggage, missed connections, and so on. Best of all, this plan covered children 17 and under free of charge. This means you won’t need to pay extra to cover your children. This is great for traveling families.

3. Flight Insurance Plan

Not all of us feel safe flying. Especially when the implications of our personal items are concerned. The flight insurance plan is for people concerned of the risks of flying abroad. This insurance plan that comes with flights is available at two different levels. These levels are base and Plus.

Most importantly, these plans completely cover accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D). These claims are generously raised to the tune of $100,000, $300,000, and $1 million at the absolute maximum. It also covers baggage and medical expenses with special terms not on the other service plans.

Is Travelex Worth the Price

Depending on your personal needs and what kind of coverage you’re seeking, odds are high that you may not find this to be the cheapest service. If this situation arises, make sure to check out the quotes of their top competitors. When you start to compare features and prices, you can understand fully what the best price is.

Although some people might find Travelex to be the cheapest travel insurance service, this is not necessarily guaranteed. As stated, be sure to check all of the prices offered by their competitors before deciding if this service will fit your needs and budget. If it doesn’t, you should reconsider abroad travel, or not be using travel insurance altogether.

Travelex Review: Pros & Cons

Although the Travelex review team has provided is with an overall wonderful product, all that shines isn’t gold. If you expected this service to be perfect, look elsewhere. However, you likely won’t find a perfect insurance company. Since we like to highlight the wonderful sides of a company and the bad sides in a nutshell, check out some pros and cons of this service.


  • Smooth claims handling.
  • Premier flight coverage.
  • Adventure sports coverage.
  • Car rental coverage.
  • High potential claims.


  • Needs to be booked prior to departure.
  • Adventure sports and car rental costs extra.
  • 364 days maximum.

As we can see, the benefits provided and debated over by the Travelex review team have left us with a service which is overall pretty excellent. However, just keep in mind that some of the add-ons cost extra. Trips over 364 days long will either be not allowed or require special permission. Lastly, be sure to book your trip before getting insurance.

Travelex Review: Summary

As a whole, the Travelex service is a wonderful addition to the industry of travel insurance. It is considered the best travel insurance company by many, and rightfully so. Since it has a handful of perks which either rival or directly outcompete other companies, this one appears to be here to stay.

Since the Travelex review team spent hours of time crafting together their plans and making sure to have options not offered by their competitors, many will naturally prefer this service over others. However, just keep in mind that this isn’t the best company for long-term vacations unless you want to annually renew your insurance policy.

There are some rather neat perks of using Travelex, however. Options such as being able to bring a child 17 or younger along without an extra policy will become very convenient when an emergency develops. There are also radically high coverage plans for those who want the flight insurance package. These people will be treated with extra peace of mind. As a whole, this is a wonderful company for most people to at least consider.


World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

world nomads review

There are so many different potential options in the industry of travel insurance. For this reason, it’s important to take a look at each of the best options before locking in on monthly premiums, the possibility of future claims, and so on. On this page,  we will provide a comprehensive World Nomads review so that you can decide if this company is right for you.

Looking for the top trip insurance isn’t easy. Since many different companies like to present themselves as the best trip insurance, many will turn to trip insurance reviews and hear an unbiased opinion from somebody who is knowledgeable about the service. In short, World Nomads provides perhaps the best coverage for the price. Although, they are by no means the most affordable travel insurance company on the market.

World Nomads Review

world nomads review

Although there are various different options to choose from in the field of travel insurance, a World Nomads review is relevant since it is one of the top travel insurance companies. In the following World Nomads review, we will break down everything you need to know about this service and its coverage so that you can decide if it is right for your personal needs.

To put it plainly,  World Nomads is perhaps the most well-rounded travel insurance company on the market. It provides coverage for just about any sort of imaginable aspect. Although the premium plans may not be the cheapest on the market, many people prefer to choose a high-quality insurance over an entry-level one.

Impressive Coverage

Being one of the best options isn’t very easy. To reach the prominence of a top travel insurance company like this one you need to be able to provide coverage around the world.  World Nomads can provide coverage overseas in over 150 different countries in the world.

This means that you can venture off to just about any destination your wanderlust can call for. Although it isn’t every single country in the world, this will likely be enough. You probably weren’t considering going to countries in a state of war, for example.

Plans for the Wild, Adventurous Traveler

One perk of World Nomads that you can’t find with just any sort of travel insurance is the ability to have adventure sports and activities covered as part of your insurance. With an Explorer plan, over 200 adventure sports and other potentially dangerous activities are covered.

For most travelers, there isn’t any point in continuing without a healthy dose of danger and excitement. World Nomads is very accommodating to these sorts of people. Offering plans which allow you to be you (i.e. go skydiving), this is a great service for people who live their lives on the edge.

Never Worry About Medical or Dental Expenses

This is probably a primary concern for those who want to have travel insurance. Medical expenses, of any sort, can ruin your entire trip and drain your savings account. Anybody who has suffered an emergency injury is aware of the vulnerable state that this can leave you in while in a foreign country.

When cash gets low stress can elevate exponentially. As a traveler, running out of cash is much more than an emergency. It is life-threatening. Especially if you need emergency assistance. Save yourself the future stress. Since World Nomads offer an emergency medical claim of $100,000, your health is something which can always be ensured.

Peace of Mind for Personal Items and Baggage

Often times, those who travel for the long-term have personal items in their baggage which are absolutely essential for their survival. Many travelers these days don’t actually leave home with enough money to cover their entire trip. On the contrary, many choose to work remotely while traveling around the world.

Those in this position know how important it is to keep personal items which help you guarantee your income (i.e. your laptop). Since World Nomads offers plans which can pay for the loss, theft, or damage to baggage, you will worry much less about keeping your belongings organized and accounted for. Best of all, you can guarantee that you return with everything you left with. If you lose something, can always have World Nomads replace it.

Protection of Death and Dismemberment

This is perhaps most important to the family members staying at home. Although you might not be as concerned with making sure that the cost of processing and shipping back your dead body is covered, your family will. In today’s world, you can never guarantee your safety overseas. Or even at home for that matter. For this reason, protection of the costs that come with death is important for travel insurance.

Another aspect of coverage which can be very potentially beneficial is the reimbursement of medical costs which go into dismemberment. Imagine losing a leg in a tragic accident while abroad. Although it may seem unlikely, it has happened before. Just keep in mind that minor dismemberments (like a loss of a pinky) may not be entitled to full reimbursement.

24-Hour Assistance

While abroad, it is possible you reach a destination which is half-way around the world from your insurance provider. When circumstances like this arise, it’s important that you can quickly be able to call and file a claim instantly. However, if your travel insurance provider operates on a time zone which is 12 hours away from your own, this can be extremely difficult.

In this industry, you need to pick an insurance provider which is available around the clock. This way, you won’t need to stay up all night and/or wake up really early in the morning just to contact your insurance company. Worst of all, in the event of an emergency situation, it is essential that you quickly get a hold of insurance companies. Especially if you can’t afford all aspects of the emergency. Thankfully, World Nomads is extremely easy to get a hold of with 24-hour phone availability.

Change of Trip Plans? No Problem

Have you ever paid for a vacation only to have something urgent come up at the last minute? A loss in the family, for example, is a wonderful reason to remain at home instead. During these situations, having World Nomads will make the change of plans a breeze. Since trip cancellation is typically covered, an emergency trip back home, or reimbursing an unused ticket will be much easier.

Imagine purchasing a plane ticket with a non-refundable policy. Of course, this is the case for most airline tickets. However, just because the airline has a non-refundable policy doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get a refund. With a company like World Nomads backing you up, an emergency change of plans like the scenario described above can be financed. Just keep in mind that there are certain exclusions to this rule and that you should read the fine print of your policy beforehand.

How to File Claims World Nomads Successfully

Filing a claim with any sort of insurance company can be a hassle. In fact, insurance companies are notorious for their claims procedures as a whole. Although it would be nice to report that World Nomads has a completely hassle-free claims process, this would be an exaggerated truth.

In all reality, you need to be very diligent to track all aspects of your coverage and potential claims. Nobody is going to call you and check up on whether or not you need money wired over to your account. In fact, you need to have excellent records of everything when it comes time to file a claim. After all, if you cannot prove that you are entitled to a claim, you will likely never see a penny of reimbursement. Even if you are truly entitled to the claim.

1. Track Everything

Have receipts available for all of your baggage items. Be ready to prove exactly what you paid for them. If you have a medical emergency, keep all of the paperwork from your doctor so that you can quickly send it over to the World Nomads review team which will determine whether or not your claim is legitimate.

If you have baggage stolen during your trip, file a police report. Something like this will prove that the police of your local country determined your case to be accurate. In return, so would the World Nomads review team in most circumstances. In short, as long as you religiously track all receipts and potential claims, you can ensure that you will never lose your ability to file a claim.

2. Keep the Fine Print Handy

The insurance policy information that you receive after paying for your coverage will explain all of the potential claims that you can file. Additionally, it will give you a better idea of what your individual policy entails. Often times, what you think is covered is different than reality. As soon as you receive your policy information, study it and keep it handy.

You might get a policy which covers medical expenses up to $100,000, for example. However, it will still require that you take a look at the fine print and make sure that your exact medical dilemma is covered 100%. For example, during the dismemberment claims process, losing a finger is quite different than losing a leg.

3. Be Patient During the Claims Process

The claims process of any sort of insurance company can be a hassle. After all, insurance companies need to make money too. This means that they are extra careful with anybody who files a claim since they need to ensure that they can cut back on losses. A successful insurance company will only pay out claims when they are legitimate and meet the description and terms that were agreed upon.

As soon as you believe you have a claim, give the World Nomads review team a call. Typically, they will evaluate your claim and immediately let you know if you qualify. If you lose baggage on an airplane, for example, they might first redirect you to the airline itself. However, since they offer coverage for baggage (up to a certain point) they will cover you if the airline itself doesn’t.

World Nomads Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

Off the bat, one thing which is worth mentioning is that World Nomads is not the most affordable travel insurance option. In fact, there are options which are much more affordable. However, when you consider the quality of the coverage that World Nomads has, as well as the high potential claims, this is a great option for people who simply want to relax and enjoy their trip without fearing emergency.

In short, World Nomads is a great option for people who have a slightly large budget for their travel insurance. As mentioned, this will allow you to have higher potential claims and plenty of peace of mind during your overseas adventure. If you want one of the best travel insurance policies for your trip

World Nomads Review: Pros, Cons

world nomads review

Although this is one of the best trip insurance companies, it is hard to find perfection in just about any sort of service. World Nomads, although wonderful, is not entirely perfect. However, it is also quite an excellent service when you glance at some of the best features and compare them to our other top travel insurance reviews.


  • Extreme Sports Coverage.
  • Medical and Dental Expenses.
  • Personal Baggage.
  • 24-Hour Phone Service.
  • Over 150 different countries.


  • Slightly Highly-Priced.
  • People over 70 cannot be covered.

World Nomads Review: Summary

As a whole, world nomads is considered by many to be a top trip insurance company since it offers a wonderful array of policy coverage. Worldwide coverage, extreme sports, medical and trip-ending emergencies are some of the top features. Although it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, it is heavily worth considering if you want real deal coverage.

World Nomads stands out as perhaps the best trip insurance company due to their outstanding array of coverage. Since it is available 24 hours around the clock, in over 150 countries, and will protect your personal belongings from loss or theft, the extra money is heavily worth the price.


Best Travel Insurance Reviews 2018

Whether you want to go on a week-long vacation, plan an extended stay abroad, or start a trip around the world, travel insurance is something that most serious travelers will consider at one point or another. Anybody who wants the peace of mind that their trip won’t end after an unforeseen tragedy or circumstance will benefit from getting one of the best trip insurance coverage plans. For this page, we carefully looked through a handful of premier companies to prepare a lineup of the best travel insurance reviews.

Travel insurance is not required for any sort of overseas adventure but is treasured by the people who take advantage of it. If you are planning a trip where you estimate the possibility of unforeseen problems such as flight cancellations, theft, sickness, injury, and so on, getting travel insurance will eliminate the headache of traveling abroad and provide you with the stability and security that you desire for your vacation.

Best Travel Insurance Reviews: Best Trip Insurance Companies

Each of the trip insurance reviews prepared below was carefully highlighted based on their affordability, popularity, and overall quality of service. There are a total of four companies in 2018 that stand out as one of the best travel insurance. For your reference, we will now break down what makes each of these companies special. Remember while you are reading through each of the following travel insurance reviews that they all have their own set of perks, and at the end of the day, they are all great options to consider.

When we finish individually highlighting each company, we will then break down the numbers with a comparison chart so that you can get an accurate small picture for each company, and a bigger picture illustrating how they match up with their competitors. At the end of this page, we will discuss the perks of each of these companies, and then offer you our opinion on what the best travel insurance company of 2018 is. Remember that each of the following travel insurance reviews show information that can change at any time.

World Nomads

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: World Nomads

People who take long-term travel seriously continuously say good things about World Nomads. This company is for the individual or family that actually estimates that they might need to file a claim. Many of the top travel insurance companies will simply provide minimal coverage with the realization that you will likely not even file a claim while on your vacation.

However, one nice thing about World Nomads is that all basic necessities are covered, such as emergency trip cancellation, interruption, medical problems, lost baggage, delays, missed connections, and so on. Additionally, World Nomads stands out for its adventure sport and activity coverage, which could theoretically be used to ensure safe travel to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, for example.

World Nomads: Check Pricing

World Nomads also stands out for its 24-hour assistance services. If you want to go to the Eastern Hemisphere and have to deal with a company that runs on the time zone of the Western Hemisphere, odds are that you will never be able to talk to somebody on the phone and will end up playing an endless game of phone tag when it matters the most.

To put the quality of coverage into a proper image here: booking the Standard Plan from World Nomads would give you a $100,000 maximum benefit for emergency accidents or sickness, and up to $300,000 emergency evacuation. This means that you can travel to the most remote part of the world and still expect to be covered for otherwise wallet-shattering emergency expenses.


  • Excellent all-around coverage.
  • Great benefits.
  • Covers more than just travel expenses.
  • Outstanding coverage for adventure sport & sports.
  • 24-hour phone service.
  • Great for long-term travel.


  • Coverage details require a time commitment to fully understand.

World Nomads is best for the person who wants extended coverage while overseas. Since it takes the place of many different insurances you might have at home, you should consider it to be a continuation of your normal insurance policy at home with a few added perks. Since it has perhaps the best coverage out of any of the top trip insurance companies, many people will make this their go-to travel insurance.

If you simply want the best travel insurance, then World Nomads should be one of your top options. Due to competitive pricing, outstanding coverage, easy-to-reach customer service, and long-term plans that are offered, this is a great place to start if you want to search for the best travel insurance reviews.

World Nomads: More Info

Travelex Insurance

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: Travelex Insurance

Many people who want to go on an overseas adventure simply want to be there for less than a month. Since most travelers only seek one the best travel insurance for short-term policies, considering one of the best trip insurance companies such as this one which is great at providing low premiums for short-term vacations.

Although this company offers some of the best deals for short trips, it also tends to be a little pricier for those who wish to have coverage longer than 60 days. If you plan on being abroad for longer than this, it is recommended that you choose another one of the best trip insurance companies to receive the best rate.

Travelex Insurance: Check Pricing

Travelex Insurance is a great option for the person who likes to go on short-term trips that last a week or so. Although the Travel Select Plan accounts for trips up to 364 days, the cost for your monthly premium will be higher than other services such as World Nomads, with fewer benefits. However, this company offers great rates for people who have trips that are between 1 week and 2 months long.

Since Travelex Insurance will cover most unforeseen problems such as trip cancellations, delays, and baggage, this is a great option for people who want to protect their property and investments. Policies can be adapted to include things such as car rentals and adventure sports for an extra fee. However, if you don’t need any of these things than you won’t mind this at all.


  • Great starter coverage.
  • Best for short vacations.
  • High potential benefits.
  • Covers stolen passports/visas.


  • Higher price for less coverage.
  • Adventure sports coverage costs extra.
  • Coverage needs to be booked prior to departure.

Another thing to be aware of regarding this insurance company is that you need to book your entire trip in advance before applying for a policy. You should also consider that premium coverage such as adventure sports, car rentals, upgrading your medical coverage over $15,000, or any-reason cancellation will require an extra fee.

Lastly, this coverage provides few option for coverage for death and dismemberment. To make things worse, the call center operates under Western Hemisphere business hours so if you need emergency assistance while everybody in the USA is asleep, you could end up with some serious problems. However, due to the decent price of this company’s premiums, the average coverage, and great potential claims benefits, this company presents a unique option that many short-term travelers will prefer the most.

Travelex Insurance: More Info

STA Travel

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: STA Travel

Featuring low premiums and options for people who want to travel on extended adventures abroad, STA Travel is one of the top trip insurance companies for long-term trips. Offering competitive prices that are great for people who simply want the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance, this company is a solid option for any long-term traveler who is on a budget but still wants high-quality travel insurance.

STA Travel has a competitive lineup of coverage plans which include most of the things that travelers need. Coming at a price that is so affordable, this option is for the person who doesn’t imagine, in their wildest dreams, of filing a claim and simply wants to know that basic expenses will be covered at all costs. After all, if you do you will likely get much less than what some of the other top trip insurance companies will provide.

STA Travel: Check Pricing

This is perhaps the top travel insurance for individuals who to save the most money possible when booking travel insurance. Although you shouldn’t expect the same level of benefits here that other top trip insurance companies would have, this is a great low-budget option for people who simply want the bare essentials covered. This is the best trip insurance for the individual who is responsible, low-risk, and doesn’t estimate that they will have serious problems abroad.

With low-cost options that feature options such as a one trip, 6-month policy, and a multi-trip, one-year policy, this travel insurance covers basic necessities such as trip cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage, adventure sports, medical, and the ability to upgrade your benefits. With a pretty good variety of long-term policies, this insurance company is one of the best options for people who want to go on long trips abroad.


  • Great Travel insurance for 6 – 12-month
  • Can cover multiple trips within 1 year.
  • Excellent prices for 6 or 12-month trips.
  • 14-day 100% refund policy.


  • Plan options depend on your country of citizenship.
  • Lower-than-average claim benefits.

As long as you are within a reasonable distance from your destination, you won’t have to worry about paying more than the provided $3,000 budget for trip cancellation and interruption on the Explorer Plus Policy. Keeping this figure in mind, it is important to note that most benefits that are offered by STA Travel Plans will pay you out less per-claim than some of the other best trip insurance providers.

Lastly, although STA Travel is a top trip insurance company for affordability to USA residents, keep in mind that citizens of other countries may experience different rates and coverage plans. As a result, this insurance company can be a little hard to estimate the price for unless you know exactly what your destination is, your trip allowance, and other noteworthy factors.

STA Travel: More Info

Allianz Travel Insurance

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: Allianz Travel Insurance

A final option for budget travelers who want a policy from one of the best travel insurance companies is Allianz Travel Insurance. This one is sometimes not included in trip insurance reviews because of the low claims benefits and mediocre coverage but is still great for people who simply want to have their bare necessities covered. Although the claims benefits for this insurance company are low, so are the premiums.

One nice perk of this company which makes it stand out as one of the top trip insurance companies is that provides 100% reimbursement if you need to file a claim for trip cancellation or interruption. Since most other insurance companies only pay a portion of this cost, an Allianz policy could end up saving you a lot of money should you need to take advantage of it. Considering many travel insurance companies won’t offer this coverage, this is an amazing deal for people who think they might need to file a claim for one of these common issues.

Allianz Travel Insurance: Check Pricing

Although this company has great claims benefits rates for trip cancellation and interruption, you should also be aware that essentially all other coverages have lower claim payouts than Allianz’ top competitors. As a result, this company is great for people who want to get the best deal on the premium price, and aren’t as concerned with how much they could potentially claim in the event of an emergency.

Allianz covers most popular travel coverages, such as baggage, evacuation, medical, and also has a 24-hour phone line. If you do need to call them, make sure that you understand that the services offered by the 24-hour hotline depend on which plan you have. For example, people with an Essential Plan will be able to accomplish more on the phone than somebody with a Basic Plan. However, the thing that matters most is that all customers can receive 24-hour phone service whenever the need arises.


  • Trip cancellation and interruption provides 100% reimbursement.
  • Lower-than-average premium costs.
  • Great rates for long-term vacation.


  • Claims benefits are lower than most.
  • No adventure sports coverage.
  • 24-hour phone service dependent on package.

Allianz stands out as one of the best travel insurance companies due to their low price, competitive coverage options, and a decent array of potential claims benefits. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you envision a need for a higher claim than $300 for delays or $10,000 for emergency medical expenses, for example, than you should just invest in one of the better travel insurance policies which provide a little more breathing room on their claims benefits.

Allianz Travel Insurance: More Info

Best Travel Insurance Reviews: Comparison Chart

We have now provided trip insurance reviews for four of the top trip insurance companies. Now, let’s now break down all of this information in a manner that can be easily understood. The chart below breaks down all of the information discussed above in a visual manner for your reference.

  World Nomads Travelex Insurance STA Travel Allianz Travel Insurance
Emergency Medical Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Evacuation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trip Cancellation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trip Interruption Yes Yes Yes Yes
Baggage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Death & Dismemberment Yes No Yes Yes
24-Hour Service Yes No Yes Yes
Adventure Sports & Activities Yes Yes Yes No
Coverage Rating





Claims Rating










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As we can see above, World Nomads stands out as the overall best travel insurance option in 2018. This was calculated using the services rendered, the coverage options, the potential claims payouts, the price of the insurance policy, and feedback from their clients. World Nomads is a great option to consider, no doubt. However, each of the above options provides professional-quality travel insurance that you can depend on when it matters most.

Best Travel Insurance Reviews: Top Trip Insurance Selection

Based on the wide variety of factors described above, World Nomads stands out as perhaps the best travel insurance company in 2018.  This was determined primarily based on the great coverage and claims benefits that they provide for their clients. Although it offers the best balance of coverage for the price, you should still remember that it isn’t the most affordable option available.

If you simply want an affordable trip insurance policy, you should start by checking out either STA Travel or Allianz. Although both of these companies offer great deals on their premiums, they also have lower claims than most of their top competitors. This means that simply getting the most affordable trip insurance policy could be disastrous if you need to actually file a claim.

In any case, remember that each of the travel insurance reviews above describe an insurance policy that is wonderful for overseas travel. If you select any of the above options, you will be in good hands.