Travelex Travel Insurance Review

travelex review

Travelex insurance is one of the premier options for people who need short-term plans which cover some of the most sophisticated needs. With packages with are great for couples, families, or solo travelers, they are perfect for just about any type of traveler. They are available online and can be reached through their website, telephone, or mobile application. This Travelex review will guide you through this service.

Looking for the best travel insurance should be simple. However, there are many different barriers that break down what really matters and what doesn’t. For example, there is no sense in paying a high premium for a product you should never estimate or intend to use. On this page, we will be giving a comprehensive Travelex review so that you can decide if it’s right for your needs.

Travelex Review

travelex review

Overall, the Travelex review team has prepared a wonderful service for its customers which comes at an affordable rate. They have many things such as trip cancellation, accidental death, job loss, and emergency evacuation covered. There are other things covered such as baggage and personal items.

The entire system of quotes is available online if your trip is less than 365 days. It is unclear whether or not the Travelex review team decided to allow for coverage over a year long. If you need a quote for an overseas trip longer than 364 days, you will need to call and see what their latest options are.

Medical Expenses Covered

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to be in the middle of an overseas trip and to have an emergency. Thankfully, there are services like Travelex which assist you in these instances. With Travelex, you can pay a visit to the doctor within the agreed terms and expect to have everything covered.

Although Travelex medical coverage plans may not be the best around, they are pretty solid when you consider some of the other features in the service. However, if health care abroad is your primary concern, make sure to read the fine print of your coverage before setting foot on the plane.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance

When bad times come, you need to be prepared. Some travelers prefer the rush and excitement that comes with an overseas adventure in a country where it may become dangerous. Places recently or presently in a state of war, for example, have a tendency to be dangerous fast. Thankfully, Travelex will cover your need for emergency evacuation.

Depending on the terms you receive, you might even expect things like a death in the family to be covered in this category. However, depending on the plan and your personal circumstances, situations can always vary. Especially when it actually comes to dealing with the claims agent himself and getting a claim. When these times come, it is important to be firm and able to compromise.

Personal Items and Luggage Covered

Many people who travel overseas depend on parts of their precious cargo for survival. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be worried every time they go out with their backpack. Since personal items are covered with a Travelex plan, you can worry less about pickpockets and thieves and start enjoying life more.

When dealing with an airline, you never know how trustworthy the staff is. This is especially true when you are in the middle of nowhere and are assisted by an unprofessional service which loses your bags. They might say that it’s your fault, and refuse to reimburse you. Thankfully, in these instances you can always depend on Travelex to reimburse you according to your policy for your baggage.

Travel Assistance and Concierge Service

When traveling abroad, one of the biggest barriers to one’s excitement is the native language. Although travelers are not usually expected to speak the local tongue, it can definitely help to have the knowledge of the locals. Since you might not expect to speak the local language, you can always depend on Travelex to help you.

Available simply by calling their customer service, you always have eyes in the sky looking out for you. Whether it’s an emergency like a lost passport, some assistance getting situated for dinner, or even medical advice, this feature is clutch. It allows you to ensure that you take advantage of your travel insurance. The Travelex review team perhaps went a little too far with this feature.

Smooth Claims Handling

One of the biggest nightmares of an insurance company is dealing with the claims agent. When signing up for insurance, we imagine a friendly man gladly handing over a check when it’s owed to us. However, as many of us realize, this is hardly the case. On the contrary, we can be treated with an aggressive person who desperately tries to negotiate our claims down.

The Travelex claims department has been widely acclaimed as a relatively smooth and more easy-going bunch than some other companies. In fact, this feature along may be reason enough to jump the gun, since after all, having a swift claims process can be very beneficial.

Available to Contact on Different Platforms

One big drawback about Travelex is that their customer service is only available through their standard business hours of 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. Outside of these hours, you need to connect with their service partner, On Call International. These means claims procedures may be difficult at certain times.

However, they have phone lines, e-mail, and a mobile app which can be used to contact them. Since there are many different platforms available to contact them, all you will need is internet or phone service and you can instantly be in touch with the Travelex review team. This means it will always be easy to connect with the claims review team should you need them.

Adventure Sports, Car Rentals,

Although not all plans feature this sort of coverage, premium options like these are available. Travelers are an eclectic bunch. Some are into mountain biking, others are into surfing. However, being safe and staying at home is not one of their most treasured hobbies. This is why coverage for adventure sports even developed in the first place.

Lastly, getting a rental car is sometimes something which is absolutely necessary. As these situations arise, it’s important to be covered. Rental companies often try to find ways to get you to pay more than you rightfully owe. When these circumstances arise, you should arrange to have car rental insurance covered through Travelex.

Travelex Review: the Main Travelex Insurance Plans

travelex review

Now that we have explored some of the best features that the Travelex review team has prepared for us, let’s go ahead and now take a more in-depth look at the service itself. This will be of assistance to people who are completely new to this service and want a snapshot of their plan options before deciding if it’s best for themselves.

Since there are two major plans that are offered by Travelex, this leaves little room for customization and swapping. However, as we glance at some of the features of the following plans, check to see if they feet your needs. If they do, make sure to get a quote instantly and see if it fits your budget.

1. Travel Basic

Travel Basic is the plan which is aimed at the minimalist who spends most of his budget on the fun expenses involved in travel. With this plan, you should expect the most basic coverage, as the name implies.

It includes medical emergency coverage of $15,000, medical evacuation up to $100,000, and death and dismemberment up to $10,000. These numbers alone should be enough for a wary new traveler stressed that they may not return home. You are covered.

The Travel Basic plan also includes 100% trip cancellation and interruption, as well as baggage, missed connections, and delays. An important thing to know is that you need to book your plan before leaving to ensure that you are covered.

2. Travel Select

The Travel Select plan is for the person who has a slightly higher budget and wants extra peace of mind. People who book this package should expect medical coverage increased up to $50,000.

Additionally, medical evacuation costs up to $500,000 are covered. Death and dismemberment coverage is elevated up to $25,000. Best of all, plans can also include pre-existing conditions within certain terms.

The Travel Select plan raises your trip interruption and cancellation benefit up to 150%, and increases most other potential claims for claims involving baggage, missed connections, and so on. Best of all, this plan covered children 17 and under free of charge. This means you won’t need to pay extra to cover your children. This is great for traveling families.

3. Flight Insurance Plan

Not all of us feel safe flying. Especially when the implications of our personal items are concerned. The flight insurance plan is for people concerned of the risks of flying abroad. This insurance plan that comes with flights is available at two different levels. These levels are base and Plus.

Most importantly, these plans completely cover accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D). These claims are generously raised to the tune of $100,000, $300,000, and $1 million at the absolute maximum. It also covers baggage and medical expenses with special terms not on the other service plans.

Is Travelex Worth the Price

Depending on your personal needs and what kind of coverage you’re seeking, odds are high that you may not find this to be the cheapest service. If this situation arises, make sure to check out the quotes of their top competitors. When you start to compare features and prices, you can understand fully what the best price is.

Although some people might find Travelex to be the cheapest travel insurance service, this is not necessarily guaranteed. As stated, be sure to check all of the prices offered by their competitors before deciding if this service will fit your needs and budget. If it doesn’t, you should reconsider abroad travel, or not be using travel insurance altogether.

Travelex Review: Pros & Cons

Although the Travelex review team has provided is with an overall wonderful product, all that shines isn’t gold. If you expected this service to be perfect, look elsewhere. However, you likely won’t find a perfect insurance company. Since we like to highlight the wonderful sides of a company and the bad sides in a nutshell, check out some pros and cons of this service.


  • Smooth claims handling.
  • Premier flight coverage.
  • Adventure sports coverage.
  • Car rental coverage.
  • High potential claims.


  • Needs to be booked prior to departure.
  • Adventure sports and car rental costs extra.
  • 364 days maximum.

As we can see, the benefits provided and debated over by the Travelex review team have left us with a service which is overall pretty excellent. However, just keep in mind that some of the add-ons cost extra. Trips over 364 days long will either be not allowed or require special permission. Lastly, be sure to book your trip before getting insurance.

Travelex Review: Summary

As a whole, the Travelex service is a wonderful addition to the industry of travel insurance. It is considered the best travel insurance company by many, and rightfully so. Since it has a handful of perks which either rival or directly outcompete other companies, this one appears to be here to stay.

Since the Travelex review team spent hours of time crafting together their plans and making sure to have options not offered by their competitors, many will naturally prefer this service over others. However, just keep in mind that this isn’t the best company for long-term vacations unless you want to annually renew your insurance policy.

There are some rather neat perks of using Travelex, however. Options such as being able to bring a child 17 or younger along without an extra policy will become very convenient when an emergency develops. There are also radically high coverage plans for those who want the flight insurance package. These people will be treated with extra peace of mind. As a whole, this is a wonderful company for most people to at least consider.