World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

world nomads review

There are so many different potential options in the industry of travel insurance. For this reason, it’s important to take a look at each of the best options before locking in on monthly premiums, the possibility of future claims, and so on. On this page,  we will provide a comprehensive World Nomads review so that you can decide if this company is right for you.

Looking for the top trip insurance isn’t easy. Since many different companies like to present themselves as the best trip insurance, many will turn to trip insurance reviews and hear an unbiased opinion from somebody who is knowledgeable about the service. In short, World Nomads provides perhaps the best coverage for the price. Although, they are by no means the most affordable travel insurance company on the market.

World Nomads Review

world nomads review

Although there are various different options to choose from in the field of travel insurance, a World Nomads review is relevant since it is one of the top travel insurance companies. In the following World Nomads review, we will break down everything you need to know about this service and its coverage so that you can decide if it is right for your personal needs.

To put it plainly,  World Nomads is perhaps the most well-rounded travel insurance company on the market. It provides coverage for just about any sort of imaginable aspect. Although the premium plans may not be the cheapest on the market, many people prefer to choose a high-quality insurance over an entry-level one.

Impressive Coverage

Being one of the best options isn’t very easy. To reach the prominence of a top travel insurance company like this one you need to be able to provide coverage around the world.  World Nomads can provide coverage overseas in over 150 different countries in the world.

This means that you can venture off to just about any destination your wanderlust can call for. Although it isn’t every single country in the world, this will likely be enough. You probably weren’t considering going to countries in a state of war, for example.

Plans for the Wild, Adventurous Traveler

One perk of World Nomads that you can’t find with just any sort of travel insurance is the ability to have adventure sports and activities covered as part of your insurance. With an Explorer plan, over 200 adventure sports and other potentially dangerous activities are covered.

For most travelers, there isn’t any point in continuing without a healthy dose of danger and excitement. World Nomads is very accommodating to these sorts of people. Offering plans which allow you to be you (i.e. go skydiving), this is a great service for people who live their lives on the edge.

Never Worry About Medical or Dental Expenses

This is probably a primary concern for those who want to have travel insurance. Medical expenses, of any sort, can ruin your entire trip and drain your savings account. Anybody who has suffered an emergency injury is aware of the vulnerable state that this can leave you in while in a foreign country.

When cash gets low stress can elevate exponentially. As a traveler, running out of cash is much more than an emergency. It is life-threatening. Especially if you need emergency assistance. Save yourself the future stress. Since World Nomads offer an emergency medical claim of $100,000, your health is something which can always be ensured.

Peace of Mind for Personal Items and Baggage

Often times, those who travel for the long-term have personal items in their baggage which are absolutely essential for their survival. Many travelers these days don’t actually leave home with enough money to cover their entire trip. On the contrary, many choose to work remotely while traveling around the world.

Those in this position know how important it is to keep personal items which help you guarantee your income (i.e. your laptop). Since World Nomads offers plans which can pay for the loss, theft, or damage to baggage, you will worry much less about keeping your belongings organized and accounted for. Best of all, you can guarantee that you return with everything you left with. If you lose something, can always have World Nomads replace it.

Protection of Death and Dismemberment

This is perhaps most important to the family members staying at home. Although you might not be as concerned with making sure that the cost of processing and shipping back your dead body is covered, your family will. In today’s world, you can never guarantee your safety overseas. Or even at home for that matter. For this reason, protection of the costs that come with death is important for travel insurance.

Another aspect of coverage which can be very potentially beneficial is the reimbursement of medical costs which go into dismemberment. Imagine losing a leg in a tragic accident while abroad. Although it may seem unlikely, it has happened before. Just keep in mind that minor dismemberments (like a loss of a pinky) may not be entitled to full reimbursement.

24-Hour Assistance

While abroad, it is possible you reach a destination which is half-way around the world from your insurance provider. When circumstances like this arise, it’s important that you can quickly be able to call and file a claim instantly. However, if your travel insurance provider operates on a time zone which is 12 hours away from your own, this can be extremely difficult.

In this industry, you need to pick an insurance provider which is available around the clock. This way, you won’t need to stay up all night and/or wake up really early in the morning just to contact your insurance company. Worst of all, in the event of an emergency situation, it is essential that you quickly get a hold of insurance companies. Especially if you can’t afford all aspects of the emergency. Thankfully, World Nomads is extremely easy to get a hold of with 24-hour phone availability.

Change of Trip Plans? No Problem

Have you ever paid for a vacation only to have something urgent come up at the last minute? A loss in the family, for example, is a wonderful reason to remain at home instead. During these situations, having World Nomads will make the change of plans a breeze. Since trip cancellation is typically covered, an emergency trip back home, or reimbursing an unused ticket will be much easier.

Imagine purchasing a plane ticket with a non-refundable policy. Of course, this is the case for most airline tickets. However, just because the airline has a non-refundable policy doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get a refund. With a company like World Nomads backing you up, an emergency change of plans like the scenario described above can be financed. Just keep in mind that there are certain exclusions to this rule and that you should read the fine print of your policy beforehand.

How to File Claims World Nomads Successfully

Filing a claim with any sort of insurance company can be a hassle. In fact, insurance companies are notorious for their claims procedures as a whole. Although it would be nice to report that World Nomads has a completely hassle-free claims process, this would be an exaggerated truth.

In all reality, you need to be very diligent to track all aspects of your coverage and potential claims. Nobody is going to call you and check up on whether or not you need money wired over to your account. In fact, you need to have excellent records of everything when it comes time to file a claim. After all, if you cannot prove that you are entitled to a claim, you will likely never see a penny of reimbursement. Even if you are truly entitled to the claim.

1. Track Everything

Have receipts available for all of your baggage items. Be ready to prove exactly what you paid for them. If you have a medical emergency, keep all of the paperwork from your doctor so that you can quickly send it over to the World Nomads review team which will determine whether or not your claim is legitimate.

If you have baggage stolen during your trip, file a police report. Something like this will prove that the police of your local country determined your case to be accurate. In return, so would the World Nomads review team in most circumstances. In short, as long as you religiously track all receipts and potential claims, you can ensure that you will never lose your ability to file a claim.

2. Keep the Fine Print Handy

The insurance policy information that you receive after paying for your coverage will explain all of the potential claims that you can file. Additionally, it will give you a better idea of what your individual policy entails. Often times, what you think is covered is different than reality. As soon as you receive your policy information, study it and keep it handy.

You might get a policy which covers medical expenses up to $100,000, for example. However, it will still require that you take a look at the fine print and make sure that your exact medical dilemma is covered 100%. For example, during the dismemberment claims process, losing a finger is quite different than losing a leg.

3. Be Patient During the Claims Process

The claims process of any sort of insurance company can be a hassle. After all, insurance companies need to make money too. This means that they are extra careful with anybody who files a claim since they need to ensure that they can cut back on losses. A successful insurance company will only pay out claims when they are legitimate and meet the description and terms that were agreed upon.

As soon as you believe you have a claim, give the World Nomads review team a call. Typically, they will evaluate your claim and immediately let you know if you qualify. If you lose baggage on an airplane, for example, they might first redirect you to the airline itself. However, since they offer coverage for baggage (up to a certain point) they will cover you if the airline itself doesn’t.

World Nomads Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

Off the bat, one thing which is worth mentioning is that World Nomads is not the most affordable travel insurance option. In fact, there are options which are much more affordable. However, when you consider the quality of the coverage that World Nomads has, as well as the high potential claims, this is a great option for people who simply want to relax and enjoy their trip without fearing emergency.

In short, World Nomads is a great option for people who have a slightly large budget for their travel insurance. As mentioned, this will allow you to have higher potential claims and plenty of peace of mind during your overseas adventure. If you want one of the best travel insurance policies for your trip

World Nomads Review: Pros, Cons

world nomads review

Although this is one of the best trip insurance companies, it is hard to find perfection in just about any sort of service. World Nomads, although wonderful, is not entirely perfect. However, it is also quite an excellent service when you glance at some of the best features and compare them to our other top travel insurance reviews.


  • Extreme Sports Coverage.
  • Medical and Dental Expenses.
  • Personal Baggage.
  • 24-Hour Phone Service.
  • Over 150 different countries.


  • Slightly Highly-Priced.
  • People over 70 cannot be covered.

World Nomads Review: Summary

As a whole, world nomads is considered by many to be a top trip insurance company since it offers a wonderful array of policy coverage. Worldwide coverage, extreme sports, medical and trip-ending emergencies are some of the top features. Although it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, it is heavily worth considering if you want real deal coverage.

World Nomads stands out as perhaps the best trip insurance company due to their outstanding array of coverage. Since it is available 24 hours around the clock, in over 150 countries, and will protect your personal belongings from loss or theft, the extra money is heavily worth the price.