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Whether you want to go on a week-long vacation, plan an extended stay abroad, or start a trip around the world, travel insurance is something that most serious travelers will consider at one point or another. Anybody who wants the peace of mind that their trip won’t end after an unforeseen tragedy or circumstance will benefit from getting one of the best trip insurance coverage plans. For this page, we carefully looked through a handful of premier companies to prepare a lineup of the best travel insurance reviews.

Travel insurance is not required for any sort of overseas adventure but is treasured by the people who take advantage of it. If you are planning a trip where you estimate the possibility of unforeseen problems such as flight cancellations, theft, sickness, injury, and so on, getting travel insurance will eliminate the headache of traveling abroad and provide you with the stability and security that you desire for your vacation.

Best Travel Insurance Reviews: Best Trip Insurance Companies

Each of the trip insurance reviews prepared below was carefully highlighted based on their affordability, popularity, and overall quality of service. There are a total of four companies in 2018 that stand out as one of the best travel insurance. For your reference, we will now break down what makes each of these companies special. Remember while you are reading through each of the following travel insurance reviews that they all have their own set of perks, and at the end of the day, they are all great options to consider.

When we finish individually highlighting each company, we will then break down the numbers with a comparison chart so that you can get an accurate small picture for each company, and a bigger picture illustrating how they match up with their competitors. At the end of this page, we will discuss the perks of each of these companies, and then offer you our opinion on what the best travel insurance company of 2018 is. Remember that each of the following travel insurance reviews show information that can change at any time.

World Nomads

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: World Nomads

People who take long-term travel seriously continuously say good things about World Nomads. This company is for the individual or family that actually estimates that they might need to file a claim. Many of the top travel insurance companies will simply provide minimal coverage with the realization that you will likely not even file a claim while on your vacation.

However, one nice thing about World Nomads is that all basic necessities are covered, such as emergency trip cancellation, interruption, medical problems, lost baggage, delays, missed connections, and so on. Additionally, World Nomads stands out for its adventure sport and activity coverage, which could theoretically be used to ensure safe travel to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, for example.

World Nomads: Check Pricing

World Nomads also stands out for its 24-hour assistance services. If you want to go to the Eastern Hemisphere and have to deal with a company that runs on the time zone of the Western Hemisphere, odds are that you will never be able to talk to somebody on the phone and will end up playing an endless game of phone tag when it matters the most.

To put the quality of coverage into a proper image here: booking the Standard Plan from World Nomads would give you a $100,000 maximum benefit for emergency accidents or sickness, and up to $300,000 emergency evacuation. This means that you can travel to the most remote part of the world and still expect to be covered for otherwise wallet-shattering emergency expenses.


  • Excellent all-around coverage.
  • Great benefits.
  • Covers more than just travel expenses.
  • Outstanding coverage for adventure sport & sports.
  • 24-hour phone service.
  • Great for long-term travel.


  • Coverage details require a time commitment to fully understand.

World Nomads is best for the person who wants extended coverage while overseas. Since it takes the place of many different insurances you might have at home, you should consider it to be a continuation of your normal insurance policy at home with a few added perks. Since it has perhaps the best coverage out of any of the top trip insurance companies, many people will make this their go-to travel insurance.

If you simply want the best travel insurance, then World Nomads should be one of your top options. Due to competitive pricing, outstanding coverage, easy-to-reach customer service, and long-term plans that are offered, this is a great place to start if you want to search for the best travel insurance reviews.

World Nomads: More Info

Travelex Insurance

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: Travelex Insurance

Many people who want to go on an overseas adventure simply want to be there for less than a month. Since most travelers only seek one the best travel insurance for short-term policies, considering one of the best trip insurance companies such as this one which is great at providing low premiums for short-term vacations.

Although this company offers some of the best deals for short trips, it also tends to be a little pricier for those who wish to have coverage longer than 60 days. If you plan on being abroad for longer than this, it is recommended that you choose another one of the best trip insurance companies to receive the best rate.

Travelex Insurance: Check Pricing

Travelex Insurance is a great option for the person who likes to go on short-term trips that last a week or so. Although the Travel Select Plan accounts for trips up to 364 days, the cost for your monthly premium will be higher than other services such as World Nomads, with fewer benefits. However, this company offers great rates for people who have trips that are between 1 week and 2 months long.

Since Travelex Insurance will cover most unforeseen problems such as trip cancellations, delays, and baggage, this is a great option for people who want to protect their property and investments. Policies can be adapted to include things such as car rentals and adventure sports for an extra fee. However, if you don’t need any of these things than you won’t mind this at all.


  • Great starter coverage.
  • Best for short vacations.
  • High potential benefits.
  • Covers stolen passports/visas.


  • Higher price for less coverage.
  • Adventure sports coverage costs extra.
  • Coverage needs to be booked prior to departure.

Another thing to be aware of regarding this insurance company is that you need to book your entire trip in advance before applying for a policy. You should also consider that premium coverage such as adventure sports, car rentals, upgrading your medical coverage over $15,000, or any-reason cancellation will require an extra fee.

Lastly, this coverage provides few option for coverage for death and dismemberment. To make things worse, the call center operates under Western Hemisphere business hours so if you need emergency assistance while everybody in the USA is asleep, you could end up with some serious problems. However, due to the decent price of this company’s premiums, the average coverage, and great potential claims benefits, this company presents a unique option that many short-term travelers will prefer the most.

Travelex Insurance: More Info

STA Travel

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: STA Travel

Featuring low premiums and options for people who want to travel on extended adventures abroad, STA Travel is one of the top trip insurance companies for long-term trips. Offering competitive prices that are great for people who simply want the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance, this company is a solid option for any long-term traveler who is on a budget but still wants high-quality travel insurance.

STA Travel has a competitive lineup of coverage plans which include most of the things that travelers need. Coming at a price that is so affordable, this option is for the person who doesn’t imagine, in their wildest dreams, of filing a claim and simply wants to know that basic expenses will be covered at all costs. After all, if you do you will likely get much less than what some of the other top trip insurance companies will provide.

STA Travel: Check Pricing

This is perhaps the top travel insurance for individuals who to save the most money possible when booking travel insurance. Although you shouldn’t expect the same level of benefits here that other top trip insurance companies would have, this is a great low-budget option for people who simply want the bare essentials covered. This is the best trip insurance for the individual who is responsible, low-risk, and doesn’t estimate that they will have serious problems abroad.

With low-cost options that feature options such as a one trip, 6-month policy, and a multi-trip, one-year policy, this travel insurance covers basic necessities such as trip cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage, adventure sports, medical, and the ability to upgrade your benefits. With a pretty good variety of long-term policies, this insurance company is one of the best options for people who want to go on long trips abroad.


  • Great Travel insurance for 6 – 12-month
  • Can cover multiple trips within 1 year.
  • Excellent prices for 6 or 12-month trips.
  • 14-day 100% refund policy.


  • Plan options depend on your country of citizenship.
  • Lower-than-average claim benefits.

As long as you are within a reasonable distance from your destination, you won’t have to worry about paying more than the provided $3,000 budget for trip cancellation and interruption on the Explorer Plus Policy. Keeping this figure in mind, it is important to note that most benefits that are offered by STA Travel Plans will pay you out less per-claim than some of the other best trip insurance providers.

Lastly, although STA Travel is a top trip insurance company for affordability to USA residents, keep in mind that citizens of other countries may experience different rates and coverage plans. As a result, this insurance company can be a little hard to estimate the price for unless you know exactly what your destination is, your trip allowance, and other noteworthy factors.

STA Travel: More Info

Allianz Travel Insurance

Top Travel Insurance Reviews: Allianz Travel Insurance

A final option for budget travelers who want a policy from one of the best travel insurance companies is Allianz Travel Insurance. This one is sometimes not included in trip insurance reviews because of the low claims benefits and mediocre coverage but is still great for people who simply want to have their bare necessities covered. Although the claims benefits for this insurance company are low, so are the premiums.

One nice perk of this company which makes it stand out as one of the top trip insurance companies is that provides 100% reimbursement if you need to file a claim for trip cancellation or interruption. Since most other insurance companies only pay a portion of this cost, an Allianz policy could end up saving you a lot of money should you need to take advantage of it. Considering many travel insurance companies won’t offer this coverage, this is an amazing deal for people who think they might need to file a claim for one of these common issues.

Allianz Travel Insurance: Check Pricing

Although this company has great claims benefits rates for trip cancellation and interruption, you should also be aware that essentially all other coverages have lower claim payouts than Allianz’ top competitors. As a result, this company is great for people who want to get the best deal on the premium price, and aren’t as concerned with how much they could potentially claim in the event of an emergency.

Allianz covers most popular travel coverages, such as baggage, evacuation, medical, and also has a 24-hour phone line. If you do need to call them, make sure that you understand that the services offered by the 24-hour hotline depend on which plan you have. For example, people with an Essential Plan will be able to accomplish more on the phone than somebody with a Basic Plan. However, the thing that matters most is that all customers can receive 24-hour phone service whenever the need arises.


  • Trip cancellation and interruption provides 100% reimbursement.
  • Lower-than-average premium costs.
  • Great rates for long-term vacation.


  • Claims benefits are lower than most.
  • No adventure sports coverage.
  • 24-hour phone service dependent on package.

Allianz stands out as one of the best travel insurance companies due to their low price, competitive coverage options, and a decent array of potential claims benefits. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you envision a need for a higher claim than $300 for delays or $10,000 for emergency medical expenses, for example, than you should just invest in one of the better travel insurance policies which provide a little more breathing room on their claims benefits.

Allianz Travel Insurance: More Info

Best Travel Insurance Reviews: Comparison Chart

We have now provided trip insurance reviews for four of the top trip insurance companies. Now, let’s now break down all of this information in a manner that can be easily understood. The chart below breaks down all of the information discussed above in a visual manner for your reference.

  World Nomads Travelex Insurance STA Travel Allianz Travel Insurance
Emergency Medical Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Evacuation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trip Cancellation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trip Interruption Yes Yes Yes Yes
Baggage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Death & Dismemberment Yes No Yes Yes
24-Hour Service Yes No Yes Yes
Adventure Sports & Activities Yes Yes Yes No
Coverage Rating





Claims Rating










More Info:

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As we can see above, World Nomads stands out as the overall best travel insurance option in 2018. This was calculated using the services rendered, the coverage options, the potential claims payouts, the price of the insurance policy, and feedback from their clients. World Nomads is a great option to consider, no doubt. However, each of the above options provides professional-quality travel insurance that you can depend on when it matters most.

Best Travel Insurance Reviews: Top Trip Insurance Selection

Based on the wide variety of factors described above, World Nomads stands out as perhaps the best travel insurance company in 2018.  This was determined primarily based on the great coverage and claims benefits that they provide for their clients. Although it offers the best balance of coverage for the price, you should still remember that it isn’t the most affordable option available.

If you simply want an affordable trip insurance policy, you should start by checking out either STA Travel or Allianz. Although both of these companies offer great deals on their premiums, they also have lower claims than most of their top competitors. This means that simply getting the most affordable trip insurance policy could be disastrous if you need to actually file a claim.

In any case, remember that each of the travel insurance reviews above describe an insurance policy that is wonderful for overseas travel. If you select any of the above options, you will be in good hands.







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